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Bummer! World War III happened and killed most of the world’s population. The ones that got toasted were the lucky ones. Survivors live in constant fear of being murde 5d3b920ae0

Title: Wasteland Angel
Genre: Action, Indie
Octane Games, Meridian4
Release Date: 1 Sep, 2011


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ok. I'll admit, this isn't the zomfg most amazing game in the world. however, I got this either free, or cheap, or part of some bundle. I don't even remember anymore. Kind of a rockabilly top view shoot n kill game. its not bad. would I reccomend this? actually. yes. its not a bad little game. xbox 360 controls worked just fine, had no issues with install. right there, it beats about half the games in my library. soundtrack is pretty decent. Storyline? ok. storyline kinda sucks, but. its not a game you play for the story. its driving around, brainlessly shooting things. top view driving. except the bonus stages, those are first person (which is kinda confusing). mostly fishtailing around, stop, fire, aggro. group, fishtail 180, stop. open fire, repeat. some decent bosses. would I reccomend this game? not at full price, maybe on sale, bundled, or gifted. its a good way to kill a couple hours and unwind.. I had this in my library from a random bundle I got years ago. Not a terrible game and there is some fun to be had, but the graphics are very dated and it looks like it's from 2005, not 2011 when it actually released. Levels are extremely repetitive. Physics on the first boss fight was laughably bad with a giant harvester launching around the map faster than the car, with no explanation on how to actually use the napalm to defeat it (hint: it leaves a fire trail behind your car you have to get it to drive through). Overall not really worth finishing for me (even though it's a fairly short game), and most definitely not worth the asking price.. While this game doesn't have a lot of depth, it's a really fun game! It's nice, simple but challenging, and it's such a shame that there aren't more games like this. My only complaint is that there should have been more levels.. did not function on my computer.. Stay away. Compared to titles like Renegade Ops this game looks like a waste of time. Shallow, repetitive and boring gameplay, where you just drive around in very small piece of land and fight boring, worthless and sometimes barely functional enemies.. This game has a lot of style and production values, they really love this title, the characters and the world. Sadly the action is a bit mixed as the car AI is boring, the waves are uneven and the challenge is too disjointed. The shooting is pretty fun, but you play better as a turret than a car. I can't recommend it because of how unbalanced it is. Xbox Live Arcade had Assault Heroes, it's a great example of a fun car combat game.. I got this on sale cheap, and I am angry that I even wasted my time. Thinking of contacting support for your problem? HAHAHA NO. This game has issues that have been known and not addressed for years. The configuration options menu is garbage and can't be reset back to default after it screws up by insisting you pressed keys that you did not. Its a hassle to try (and fail) to set it windowed mode (why do so many delevelopers F this up? Its not rocket science!) and even when you succeed, that will cause new issues if you have multiple monitors. There were so many problems before I even got started that I don't even have double digits of playtime on this piece of sh**. It's not even worth a dollar.. Nice idea, very nice, but what a bad finish. It could have been great but falls short on just about everything. Real shame. Not sure who's behind the game but if they had some more time (and some more bright ideas and feedback) this might have been a good one. Don't get me wrong, it's always fun to chase bad guys and shoot em, recieve upgrades and the likes, but it gets real boring real quick here. Perhaps more fun in multiplayer i suppose. But it gets old real quick in single player. Can't heartedly recommend.. Shame on you developers! Shame on you! This game is garbage. It sucks in every single aspect. Its repetitive and boring after first level. Poorly executed, not even one decent idea, terrible voice acting and wtf story (god damn how much I hated main hero). Bugs and awful gameplay. Jezus, how the hell did you get this to Steam? I played it simply for achievements and I hated every single minute.. this game is great got it for $1 and in my oppimion it is worth the full price , the graphics are nice and it is a great time killer that will make time fly by .

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