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VR Dungeon Knight Activation Code Keygen

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About This Game

Start your epic adventure with VR Dungeon Knight, the ultimate VR first-person dungeon crawler.

A long time ago a Dungeon Knight defended the world from evil. Slaying many foes that tried to curse the world. For almost 20 years the world was safe, but even the strongest do not live to see the world forever. The Dungeon Knight became a story of old. It was at that moment that an evil Necromancer appeared and began to use the source of the dungeons to spread a dark curse. It is time for a new Dungeon Knight, a new hero to defeat the Necromancer and free the world from evil.

Choose your own class, equip yourself with a vast choice of weapons and venture into randomly generated dungeons filled with evil minions, traps and precious loot. Fight your way to the Dungeon Core with the use of a wide range of full directional movement systems, and real-life weapon handling. Defeat the Necromancer and become the Dungeon Knight!


Random generated dungeons - Fight your way through large and randomly generated dungeons, packed full of a large variety of enemies. Watch out for deadly traps and treacherous Minibosses in your attempt to destroy the Dungeon Core.

Free movement - Experience a unique range of full directional movement systems like teleportation, arm swing, touchpad control and climbing to freely explore the vast underground dungeons.

Choose your own playstyle - Select a player class that best suits your own style; like Warrior, Thief, Mage, Ranger, Assassin and Dungeon Knight. Gain experience to level your hero, and use your earned loot to upgrade your gear and skills.

Weapon handling - Equip yourself with a large variety of different weapons, including axes, bows, pistols, magic spells, shields, and two-handers. Store them on your belt and use dual wield for deadly combinations.

Co-op Multiplayer - Use drop-in/drop-out online co-op to explore the dungeons together with a friend, or make use of the local onscreen Fairy mode to guide a fellow Dungeon Knight in his quest for glory.


Title: VR Dungeon Knight
Genre: Action, Adventure, RPG, Early Access
Blackjard Softworks
Wolfdog Interactive
Release Date: 24 Apr, 2017


  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: Intel core i5
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: AMD Radeon R9 390 or NVIDIA Geforce GTX 980
  • Storage: 3 GB available space
  • Additional Notes: The game could work on even lower end systems, this is not tested. (try at your own risk).


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really good dungeon crawler rpg.

9\/10 finally something worth playing. This game is fantastic. The most fun my girlfriend and I have had in multiplayer VR to date. The enemies are varied and fun. Each run through a dungeon gets easier as you master the combat and upgrade your equipment. Absolute must have for co-OP with your friends.

I get to play as a tank with a mace and shield and protect my partner while she uses the musket to one shot everything from cover.

My only complaint is that the aiming with the oculus touch controllers is a little off, and each ranged weapon seems to have it's own quirks with which direction they shoot. Some of the enemies will bug out and continuously try to run into you. But this really doesn't detract from the overall experience. It's rare that I give a thumbs up to a VR game. But this one earned it.. Its a good game, but i feel like its dead and left behind by the developer. it hasn't been updated in a long while. this game could be amazing if he would just do more for us players. i give it a 4\/10 for content but a 8\/10 for game play. the lack of content makes this game extremely boring after a few hours. the maps are not random generated its more like a few different maps in random order. enemies and boss fights are all the same not very many mobs to fight but a small hand full. please for the love of vr rpgs add more to this game.. Sadly I can't recommend this game because the combat is absolutely terrible, very clunky and doesnt feel nice, satisfying, or fun in any way. Online needs some polishing too but that's not nearly as high a priority as combat in my opinion.

But those are really my only complaints, it's a beautiful game with incredible mechanics and if it weren't for the combat it'd be an excellent game. So I hope I can return to this one day if the combat gets better.

(I'm well aware this is being developed by one person, and for that alone it deserves so much credit because what it has aside of combat is great). Really enjoyed playing this game! Took me a bit to figure out that I'm supposed to click to make the game public. There are a lot more settings in the settings room than you saw at the start.. I've now played the game for a good 5 hours and am ready to deliver a concise review.

It's the game I've been trying to find for a long time. If you own a VR headset this game is a must have. The game already feels polished and looks beautiful for early access, I can't stop just repeating dungeons and discovering more things. The composer did a great job with the soundtrack, I'm very impressed as a composer myself.

The atmosphere\/ambiance in the game reminds me a lot of a classic xbox 360 title and gives me a nostalgic feeling with its bright and contrasting pallet. The game in general is really nice to look at, I love the art style. Nothing really to improve on here, just keep doing what you're doing.

The controls feel great and natural, I primarily use a staff with a shield on my back and a sword on my right. Swinging the sword feels satisfying when you strike and aiming the staff feels natural.

I only have a couple issues and suggestions. My first one is that every time I try to pick up something off of the floor, my belt constantly spins and I end up picking something from my belt instead. Another one is that whenever I try to grip something, it takes about a second for it to register and then be placed in my hand. I'm not sure if this is something that can be fixed, but it'd be nice to be able to quickly sheath items and then equip new ones.

Other than that this is my new favorite VR game to play with others, I just wish my friends had VR capable PCs so I could play online with them, playing with others is extremely fun.. Amazing game, I highly recommend it, definitely worth the price.

It's a great dungeon running experience, for up to 2 players, with a whole bunch of weapons, monsters and traps.

I can't wait for more content, new rooms, new traps, or new weapons.
If I can suggest one thing to improve, I would love to see some random attributes on weapons to collect.

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