The Undying Plague Torrent Download [License]

The Undying Plague Torrent Download [License]

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About This Game

"The Undying Plague" has a simple task - to fight against waves of zombies attacking us. At your disposal, you have all sorts of weapons, each has different specifications. During the game you will meet several types of zombies that are different from each other including their speed, resistance and damage. Each type of zombie has its advantages and disadvantages, depending on the point of view. The Undying Plague is a fantastic combination of classic 8-bit and classic survival-horror games. Try to liberate from the shackles of death and defeat the plague! How long can you survive?

Current Features:

  • 7 weapons to choose from!**
- Weapons, that will help you to keep safe from zombies!

  • weapons upgrade system!
- And by this, your weapon will become better!

  • hero skills!
- Develop your character's attributes to muddle through on the battlefield!

  • 3 types of zombies to kill!
- Each type of zombies has different skills!

  • we listen to the voice of the community!
- Let us know what do you think we should improve, and we will consider your suggestion!

  • simple retro graphics!
- Feel the atmosphere of old games!

  • statistics!
- Find out how good you are by defending yourself against the PLAGUE! 7ad7b8b382

Title: The Undying Plague
Genre: Action, Indie
Pixel Theory Games
Pixel Theory Games
Release Date: 10 Apr, 2015


Crash Simulator 2015. Got this with a cupon for the Badges, not to bad though.. I want an option to turn down the volume.. No setting options.. Controls are awkward and upgrades are scarce, if you can even make it far enough to upgrade anything.. Obviously graphics aren't what you play this game for. Want the trading cards? Maybe just leave the game running while you're not near your PC, the sound cannot be muted. There isnt any settings options in this game either.. It's so bland. The art looks like it was made by a programmer. The music is ambient and almost non-existant, sounds are so quiet and irrelevant. The leveling incremental system is so slow and despite there being a health system there's giant zombies that shoot around and one shot you and because of the screen resolution you have no chance if they're coming up or down, oh and when they run in circles it's just, impossible.

I mean it shows it's a one man game and what it's doing is pretty solid but, it's just so damn slow. That said it cost about as much as a small burg. I didn't really expect more than that.. Should be called 'The Unending Lag'. Feels like a crappy flash game from the early 2000's. Don't bother with this trash (unless you want some crappy trading cards).. Does not work on win 7 ;__:. better to just listen to Kevin Macleod

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