Oxygen is a vital component for carrying out basic activities for living and growth. Inhaling or consuming good amount of oxygen boosts up the metabolism of organisms and protects from many health hazards. Supplemental Aeration is an important process involved in providing oxygen rich water to plants, animals or balancing and sustaining healthy ecosystem. Procedure involved in supplemental aeration involves infusing healthy amount of oxygen in form of nanobubbles to water to protect it from health risks and various viruses and infections along with making it useful for growth promotion. Oxygen rich water is one of the important growth promoting component. More oxygen quickens the metabolism among organisms, plants and animals as well which leads to vigorous and healthy growth.

Supplemental Aeration is used under many fields such as for crop irrigation, fish rearing,  seafood farming, hydroponics and many more. Oxygen provides energy to plants  which is basic source of their energy to proceed their feeding activity.


Hydroponic growth refers to the plantation of crop without using soil by providing all nutrients through water solution. It is a method of providing nutrients directly to plant roots and they do not have to waste energy in finding them in soil. Oxygen is most important source of energy in plants which helps in converting sugars into cell structure. With supplemental aeration maximum amount of oxygen is added to water supplied to plants so that plants absorb more of oxygen via roots and their metabolism rate gets faster and they grow vigorously. Healthy amount of oxygen when provided to plants it improves the root structure, leads to better uptake of nutrients, activated beneficial bacteria, protects plant from root asphyxiation and ultimately plants become healthier and grow fast.


Providing water which is rich in oxygen or which is aerated with oxygen is very beneficial for animal health and shows many positive effects. Animals get benefited from drinking oxygen-rich water in many ways. Some of the most notable benefits of drinking water rich in oxygen are :


  • Improved Blood Flow
  • Reduced Stress Levels
  • Increased Hormone Secretion
  • Increased Neurotransmitter Secretion

Biological Improvements -

  • Less Bitting
  • Less Infectious diseases
  • Better Production
  • Increased Milk Production
  • Enhanced Growth Rates

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