Aeration is used in lakes and ponds to increase the levels of dissolved oxygen in the water body by mixing or infusing the oxygen into it. Adequate amount of oxygen dissolved in water plays very important role in maintaining ecosystem balances in lakes and ponds. Supplemental Aeration is a process used for injecting or mixing oxygen into a water in order to maintain adequate concentration of dissolved oxygen. If used properly it can improve the working of ecosystem, increase quality of water and prevent water body from dead zones and toxic gases.

The never ending use of fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and many other causes of water pollution such as storm pollution and harmful chemicals leakages into ponds depletes the quality of water and lowers the oxygen concentration in water making it unhealthy for consumption and also causes various problems such as causing dead zones or algae bloom. In order to prevent such affects Aeration is used to maintain adequate levels of dissolved oxygen in water of lakes and ponds. Different ways in which aeration benefits lakes and ponds are mentioned below.

Aeration leads to rise in aquatic-habitat

Aeration helps in maintaining the healthy amount of oxygen in water which thrives and plant and animal life in water body. Supplemental aeration promotes only healthy growth of plants and animals. When ground level plants of ponds and lakes will get right amount of oxygen they will flourish and ultimately the animals, say fishes eating these healthy plants and living in healthy environment will also become healthy and produce healthy as well.

Aeration improves quality of water

Aeration adds up to the quantity of oxygen present in water and also improves its circulation. The lack of dissolved amount of oxygen in water can severely affect the plant life at the bottom of lake or pond and can also cause these plants to release the toxic amount of gases and pH value can also get changed with the same.

Aeration prevents water body from Dead Zones

Aeration prevents the water bodies by adding up right amount oxygen into the water. Oxygen rich water controls the growth of nutrients and stimulate algae bloom which causes much use of oxygen. Boosting the present amount of oxygen in lake or pond helps in increasing improving the activity of aerobic micro organisms and prevent over growth of weed and ultimately saves water body from algal blooms and dead zones.

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