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Title: Puppet Fever
Genre: Casual, Early Access
Coastalbyte Games
Coffee Stain Publishing
Release Date: 19 Apr, 2018


  • OS: Windows 8.1 or newer
  • Processor: Intel i5-4590 / AMD Ryzen 5 1500X
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM


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Hugely overlooked VR party game that simply deserves your attention, especially if you have kids. It's a steal at this price too.. Great game, really fun and easy to get into. Wish you could do more than 4 players at a time.. Super-cute little sofa co-op concept. It's essentially just charades via puppetry, with some handy computer magic sprinkled on top. Adding dress-up and emotions to your little protagonists in the 90 second limit is all good, and then bouncing them around a set or dancing a handy prop is all suitably daft too. There seem to be a decent amount of interactions between the entities (I accidentally blew up my 'car advert' with what I thought would just be a cinematic explosion). All of the game functionality (awarding points, handing over) is pretty slick, although it could probably do with even more manipulations within the scene itself (changing item / clothing colours etc). But I suspect given how cheaply I got this, and with the last update being in June, that dev has probably stopped now : Rating: 3.5. this is a virtual reality only game so you need the hardware, this one would be a good choice for the kids to play. Great hot seat VR game. Played with two sets of friends and both loved the experience. some are brand new to vr and picked up on the concept with ease. The visuals are clean and clear in VR. The vast amount options as puppeter are a bit overwhelming at first and takes a playthough to get accustom to all the features. Our players mentioned a few things they wished they could do.. Works great with Windows Mixed VR. Fantastic fun - for big and little kids alike! Suggestions for huge improvements. Scene building slots so you can save your carefully designed layouts in a show. Lockable objects. Some type of interactive hand puppet mode - so you can have a hand puppet that you can control the mouth of on each hand. Use of headset mic to output in audio stream and possibly move main puppeteer mouth. Music options Recordable shows. Puppet designer with more clothing and accessory options that you can save.. Easy to play local co-op puppet theater! Supports hot-seat local multiplayer matches with the spectators viewing on your monitor - while the VR player sees their avatars viewing the show :) You try to puppet-mime the clue you've been given, if anyone shouts out IRL what you're acting out, you throw the card to their avatar for the point. Very simple concept but more highly polished than the majority of VR titles out there - surprisingly so! The only improvements I can see that the game could use are more puppet options/interactivity/combinations between multiple puppets, and the possibility of more clue variety. Some of the clues are too easy and you can guess in a couple of seconds, like movie names - while others are quite obscure like certain emotions/feelings. But despite that, great game - does exactly what it sets out to do. Lots of fun in a group of 4.. Fun! Played for about an hour straight with my fiancee, who rarely plays VR; and she seemed to really enjoy it. Think it'll be fun with a group over as well. Can't beat the price right now for under 4 bucks if you're looking for a decent local co op VR game.

Devblog #1 : So its time for our first DevBlog, here we will be posting stuff about the progress that we are making with Down to Hell .. v 0.7.5.a Text hotfix : - Fixed a bug with text not being displayed when playing on a 4k resolution. Down to Hell - premiere, plans, discord : After a couple of months of hard work, we are thrilled to share with you the first chapter of Down to Hell. Let's talk about it for a moment. Right now you are getting 3 hours of slashing demons alongside 3 bosses to fight. Soon we will add another, secret monster into the game. The second chapter of the game will be released in the next two or three months. Other parts of the game will be released periodically in the same span as chapter two. Between the release of chapters, we will be updating the game. We will add new enemies, and skills into the game. But to do that we will need your help. We opened a discord server where you can talk about the game, report issues and suggest ideas for new mechanics. Here's an invitation link: Right now we are working on a new update that will probably be uploaded next week.. Free Weekend and launch! : We are still alive! Puppet Fever is soon coming a point where we will exit Early Access and launch 1.0! We celebrate this a bit early with a free weekend, so make sure to tell your friends to try it out!. Welcome! : Welcome to the Early Access of our first VR game on Steam! Make sure you gather some friends to really get a feel for how we meant the game to be played. And if you feel like giving us some feedback, please leave a review, post in the Steam discussion group or on Reddit , Twitter or Facebook [www.facebook.com] . We're listening and are happy to engage in a discussion about all your thoughts about the game.

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