Although many representations of sex suggest the idea that a partner is a tool for obtaining pleasure, the plain truth is that we are all persons with feelings, Independent Escort in Goa emotions and desires that deserve to be respected. This remains true even in erotic domination games, so it is better to remind that to make any sexual activity ethical – and more pleasurable – it must be approached together with the other person, without diminishing them to the role of a sex toy.

Besides the pleasure it provides, sex always represents an opportunity to better know ourselves, our partners, our psychology and more. The freedom of exploration within conscious sexual contexts allows to safely experiment with alternative identities and situations. Nurturing curiosity and an analytical approach towards other interpretations of sexuality exposes us to countless concepts, subcultures and notions you don’t necessarily have to embrace, but which enrich and expand the mind anyway.Independent Escort in Goa
All of this makes sex, when done intelligently, an enabler for individual evolution that also offers many occasions for intellectual and even spiritual pleasure.

The single most defining factor for sexual pleasure is the knowledge of yourself and of what you are doing. Just like with any natural and yet complex activity – like swimming or singing – instinct is merely the initial impulse for sex: after that competence comes into play, learned through study and practice. Information allows to overcome prejudices and wrong beliefs; it makes possible to live relationships safely and parenthood in a conscious way; it opens access to unexpected techniques and pleasures;Independent Escort in Goa it helps to live ethical relations and to fully respect your partners; it offers the tools to face possible objective difficulties in a positive manner instead of getting overwhelmed by them. Furthermore, the path itself of education to sexuality can be experienced in a fun way, possibly sharing it with a partner.
The only advice is to choose reliable sources and educators and, especially when dealing with elaborate practices, to study them thoroughly before experimenting.

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