Fantasy Zone II: The Tears Of Opa-Opa Full Movie Download In Italian Hd

Fantasy Zone II: The Tears Of Opa-Opa Full Movie Download In Italian Hd ->->->-> DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Original Title: Fantasy Zone II: The Tears Of Opa-Opa

Genge: Action,Fantasy,Sci-Fi










































Update: I've finally won this game, fought the four spider robots, then I glitched the very last boss to cornering it and destroyed it with bomb attacks, the ending was ok, but the music was beautiful.

I have bought this game for the Wii virtual console hoping it would be a fun shooter game boy was I wrong. This game is frustrating and super hard.

You start off with 2 low lives and very low HPs and go very slow. You control your spaceship and shoot and drop bombs at monsters so you can go into warp zones, aliens which bombard you very fast and most of the time you die in one hit. Also the boss fights are super hard to fight and after you win, you don't have much time to collect money.

Yes the game could be enjoyable if you have powerups including the auto fire, fire bombs, laser, fire shot, big shot, big twin bombs, red potions and fire free blue potions and don't die.

Also it's very hard to grind for money and choose which items you buy in stores which gets very expensive and the worst part, is the shooting and bomb weapons have a time limit which makes it very pointless to buy them and this game is very unforgiving. If you lose all your lives then you start all over back at level 1.

Also the continue item is worthless because if you lose all of your ships, then you go back to low HPs. Also the smart bomb items are worthless, the weight bombs could work but they drop down vertically so I don't use them much.

Are you freaking kidding me? This has definitively got to be the worst games along with Pac Man arcade, this game's the pits.

Although the art graphics are funny looking and the music is beautiful but that's the only good things I can say about this junky hard challenging game.

This game would've been more fun if it had a save state feature or if it had cheat features such as unlimited lives or an easy mode to allow the player to win more easily.

Whatever you do avoid this game. Do not play Fantasy Zone II for Sega Master System unless you have a save state feature. Very disappointed in the game developers for this piece of junk Fantasy Zone II is without the save state features. It had high potential to be a fun game but nooo, the creator of Fantasy Zone II had to make it freaking hard as hell. Good riddance to this worst game ever.

If you want to see the mediocre ending to this game, watch it on youtube and save yourself the trouble of playing through this video game torture. The original Fantasy Zone was a good game; but this one is excellent. It's a definitive improvement over the first one. Even though at it's core it's just a basic side scrolling shooting game; what set it apart is the bright, colorful and cute graphics; and that you can guide the screen movements in both directions (left and right) It also has some standard platform like qualities (that may count as an extra setting apart quality) Visually is reminiscent of Super Mario World (for SNES); although obv not being a platformer. And like the previous one; Super Mario Bros; it also has hidden warp points throughout. Even the enemies are quirky, funny, weird, and adorable. Bosses are more memorable still; like something you'd find in a MegaMan game. I wonder if it's similarities are by intentional design; ummh... Besides the main straight shooting attack, there's an auxiliary one; a dropping bomb. Upgrades for them and the ship itself can be purchased with money dropped from "dead" enemies throughout too. Music and sound FX were not all that, but slightly more than OK. And I have only played the SMS conversion, hence I don't know about the org arcade, or any other port. So in summary, it's a unique fun shoot'em up worthy of a look around.


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