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In the lands of Lorhaven, the Gods chose you to carry out the hardest and dangerous task, you must collect the 12 Runes of Power to restore 5d3b920ae0

Title: Expect The Unexpected
Genre: Indie, RPG, Strategy
GoldenGod Games
GoldenGod Games
Release Date: 8 Dec, 2016


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easy and fun. Kind of funny, but very repetetitive and annoyingly micromanagement with weapons and armour breaking.. Love it, Commited Developers Comment: Please make it so that theres a flee option (for example deducting a chunk of gold if you flee) and make the combat a little more challenging/complex.. This is almost good, but I feel the rebirth / new life mechanic is missing. Your character really can die at any time, and if you've invested any amount of time into him, it really is a letdown to have to start over again with nothing gained. A lot of roguelikes have new skills learned or powers unlocked after a nice playthrough so that you can feel some kind of reward for your wonderful effort on your now dead character. This game needs something like that to enhance replay value. I know you can unlock one new class for each playthrough if you had gotten far enough in the game, but it doesn't make death very satisfying.. I don't review a ton of games but this one deserves it. Game is repetitive and boring. Combat is meh, AI (when you get a hired hand) is bad. I thought it had some potential but in the end it was 2 hours of my life I couldn't get back.. Purchased this game after enjoying "Dungeons of Hell' (and then trying the demo) by the same developer. Found myself a bit lost at first but after a few perfunctionary deaths, I quickly settled into the rhythm of the game and have enjoyed the experience. Only minor complaint is that I would like the map overview to be a little more transperent so I can quickly decide if i want to bypass (if that is an option) that map. The precise enemy deployments and terrain factors ca be hard to ascertain.. The game is hard in the beginning, but gets easier as you go. It is definitely a rogue game. as you can die at any time. I like the art and the gameplay, and with time, I think it will be a well polished game. The developers seem involved in releasing new patches to address problems. If you like short bursts of gameplay in a rogue style, you'll like this one. Don't expect the depth of an RPG done by a major developer. Expect the Unexpected.. Not worth $10. This could be an online Flash game for its quality and depth. Combat is simplistic yet slow and traveling is more tedious than exciting.. I honestly cannot believe how bad the writing and grammar is in this game. On top of that, I can't believe no reviewer mentioned this. This is not at the level of "oh, the story's boring and childish", it's at the level of "I think a foreigner wrote the (terrible) storyline and translated it into English via Google or Babblefish". Here is the FIRST text box of the entire game, I will let you judge the writing and grammar (this is verbatim, all grammar mistakes are the game developer's own): "You were just a farmer, doing the ordinary daily routine when suddenly were contacted by the Gods. The 12 runes of power were stolen and lost throughout Lorhaven. The Gods are on brink of war and They crave influence over the mortals. They chose you! A humble farmer with the a heart of gold, a courage of a lion and a pure moral conduct. You are about to embark on an adventure of a lifetime, it was given to you a difficult task to collect the 12 runes, in hopes of restoring faith and order again! A mere mortal touched by the Gods." TLDR: this RPG's writing and grammar is at the 2nd grade level. I requested a full refund of the game within 10 minutes of playing. Don't waste time with this trash, not even worth $1 (I paid $10 for this).. Did not enjoy game at all. Very bland.

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