Data Center Architect Salary

According to Indeed, a Data Center Architect salary is approximately $93,092 per year. An estimated 36 months is required to attain certification. As per, on an average, a Data Center Architect earns about $121,356 per year in the United States.
Career opportunities

Adapting to advanced technology is the way to face intense competition. With digitalization leading the change, most businesses are opting for Data Centers, and in fact, they have come an important part of the technology forcing the businesses to hire professionals who are well versed with the data center technology. So, in the coming years, Data Center jobs are expected to witness a great rise.
How is Beneficial

With cloud technology giving rise to Data Center Architects, businesses are in search of skilled on-demand professionals, is a platform that provides professionals to showcase the skills that are beneficial to businesses. So, sign up and land a job as a freelance Data Center Architect.

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