CCNA Wireless (Cisco Certified Network Associate Wireless) – JOBS & Employment

The CCNA Wireless professional must understand the Cisco Unified Wireless networks. They should be capable of using the Network Controller and mobility express controller. The professional measures wavelength and power changes. They also identify IEEE wireless standards, RF standards, and regulatory bodies. This certified expert uses an RF signal to carry data.

The Cisco Certified Network Associate Wireless should understand the frequency, phase, RF power, and power levels. They must know the process of reflection, absorption, scattering, refraction, and diffraction. These professionals plan coverage, design, and survey wireless access points. They must have an excellent knowledge of antennas and their characteristics.

It is the responsibility of the CCNA Wireless professional to manage CISCO wireless networks and interferences. The professional must implement and supports cloud deployment with controller discovery, roaming, and RRM.

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