Bunnyrama Ativador Download [License]

Bunnyrama Ativador Download [License]

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About This Game

Bunnyrama is an unique and challenging puzzle adventure game where your goal is to lead the old man through the magical forest full of huge bunnies. Each level is a labyrinth with different puzzles, and only one exit. Bunnies will help you, carry and stack them properly, use their unique features to build your way to the portal, and help the old man find his way home.

Puzzle mechanics is easy to get, but complexity growing as more elements added in each level. There are different types of bunnies, platforms, portals, elevators, buttons, doors and etc. After the first episode it will be a real challenge for your brain!


Ok... Anyone curious about the Bunnyrama story? Strange… but who we are to judge you? So please, make yourselves comfortable, and I will begin...

A long time ago and far far away (well... maybe not so long and not so far, but humor me, it sounds much more dramatic this way). In his small wooden house, lived an old man. His name is not important because even he didn't remember it.

His house was deep in the forest, and he loved nature and animals. Sadly when he tried to sing to them, those ungrateful creatures scattered in all directions and attempted to gnaw off their own ears (he was not a beautiful princess with the voice of a songbird). But the old man was a very amiable person, so he didn’t care and tried to help every little creature in the forest. Especially he loved hares and rabbits, because they are so cute (aren’t they?..).

One very rainy day, a flood came to the forest. All the poor little creatures were trapped on a small island. Even though he was drunk, (well what would you do if you’d lived alone in the forest?) our old man jumped onto his raft...

No one knows what happened next. Did he really see the white rabbit? or it was a result of his new recipe?… But here the true story begins…


Title: Bunnyrama
Genre: Adventure, Casual, Indie, Strategy
Starwind Games
Starwind Games
Release Date: 19 Dec, 2016


  • OS: Windows Vista and later
  • Processor: Intel Celeron or AMD Athlon II X2/A-series
  • Memory: 2 MB RAM
  • Graphics: Intel Graphics 3000 or later, any NVidia/AMD card
  • Storage: 250 MB available space
  • Sound Card: Built-in sound card


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Cute toony presentation. Under the surface though is a challenging and fun puzzle game. Try it out!. Can two games be considered a trend? Bunnyrama is the second game I've encounterd in a couple of years that look all nice and cuddly, while being a relentless sadist of a puzzle game in its heart. Could I call this a new sub-genre? :)
While the level design is not as consistently evolving as it was in Snakebird, the second part of the second episode and the first part of the third episode are very good puzzles indeed, What do you do? Well, you simply stack carrots, boulders, and of course, bunnies to overcome obstacles and make it to the exit. Simple and carefully evolving mechanic, tough puzzles - that's what's it all about. Level design does fall off a bit towards the end of the third episode, and the bonus levels are also hit and miss, but altogether, mazochistic fans of puzzle games should be pleased. I certainly am.
. \ud83c\udf1f\ud83c\udf1f\ud83c\udf1f\ud83c\udf1f\ud83c\udf1f. Interesting puzzle game with funny characters. Lots of amazing, tricky and difficult levels. Spent a little while going through levels, it was quite challenge. The thing I really appreciate is that it has the gamepad control. Worth buying.. \ud83c\udf1f\ud83c\udf1f\ud83c\udf1f\ud83c\udf1f\ud83c\udf1f. Cute toony presentation. Under the surface though is a challenging and fun puzzle game. Try it out!

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