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About This Game

Michael, Lily, and Gabrielle have recently moved to the frigid town of Haven under tragic circumstances. As they begin to rebuild their lives in this new home and meet the townsfolk of Haven, they quickly discover that not everything is what it appears to be. Michael struggles with dreams of dark waters and an unknown ancient evil resting beneath the cold waves. Are these simply dreams or are they a premonition of things to come?

Inspired by the classic point & click adventure games of yesteryear, Arkhangel: The House of the Seven Stars is a story told through the eyes of a family that has recently moved to an isolated town in the frozen wilderness. Explore, unearth dark mysteries, solve puzzles, engross yourself with deep lore, and interact with a large cast of characters in this rich and layered narrative.

  • 3D point & click adventure game created with Unity3D.
  • Deep narrative with abundant lore to discover and absorb.
  • Gorgeous environments in a moody and atmospheric world.
  • Large cast of characters to interact with.
  • Cinematic, live orchestral musical score by composer and conductor Chad Seiter (ReCore, Super Lucky's Tale, Star Trek, FRINGE, Lego Jurassic World, The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses).
  • Direct tie-in to the tabletop game, The Great Nameless.
  • Windows & Mac OSX.

WINTER NIGHT GAMES was borne from the collective imagination of two dorky brothers. A lifelong interest in video games, pen & paper role playing games, and horror stories compelled us to start our own company, where we make the kind of games we like to play and telling the stories we like to tell. WNG came out of what started as a collaborative effort to write a horror novella. While iterating and fleshing out the structure of the story, it became apparent this story would lend itself to being told within the medium of an adventure game. A larger framework was then conceived, which could support an overarching story that could be told through various gaming media, both digital and analog.

While there isn't overt gore or on-screen violence in Arkhangel, there is subject matter and imagery that some might find disturbing. This is a mature game experience. 7ad7b8b382

Title: Arkhangel: The House of the Seven Stars
Genre: Adventure, Indie
Winter Night Games
Winter Night Games
Release Date: 27 Jul, 2018


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Picked up this gem in the 2018 winter sale. A nice old school story driven adventure filled with Lovecraftian themes.

The game takes place in and around a small town, with lots of areas to explore; some areas you will keep coming back to, and new areas open up as the story progresses. The horror focuses on building a foreboding atmosphere, tension and sense of dread. Don't expect jump scares. After quite a slow start, the story picked up and kept me intrigued. Quite clichéd at times but I enjoyed it nonetheless. I took around 5 and a half hours to finish, exploring at a leisurely pace.

Puzzles are quite simple (fine by me as I was mainly here for the story anyway) and there are some quick time events though they are very easy (only ever one button). I did end up stuck on a couple of occasions, and ended up wandering aimlessly for a while. 1. Didn't realise the game started with matches in the inventory and was looking for a way to light the candle by the attic. At this point the whole game world was open so I ended up wandering miles out of town to find a solution. Not sure if that's indended behavior?; 2. Got stuck trying to find the switch to open the painting in Lilith's Mansion.

Controls are quite clunky using mouse and keyboard, but I got used to the quirks after playing a bit. Would probably have used a controller instead if I had one to hand.

Graphics do the job, but aren't mindblowing. I thought the cel-shaded effect on the characters detracted from the atmosphere a little, but weren't really an issue. The game runs OK on a 3.5 year old MacBook on lowest settings. (I'm away from my usual gaming rig for the holidays!)

The music is delightful! The soundtrack stays fresh thoughout the entire game while being cohesive as a whole. Audio is quite simple, unfortunately there is no voice acting, but the ambient sounds are pretty good and definitely rounds off the overall feel of the setting.

Some elements of the game felt a little unpolished (a wall of text to explain how to play, instead of a tutorial; the UI for item interaction and text dialogs was a little messy) but didn't bother me too much as the game was enjoyable overall.

This is a very nice horror adventure if you can see past its flaws, and is deserving of more attention IMO. A lot of passion went into building this game and I look forward to seeing what Winter Night Games delivers in the future! :). need chinese!!!. A++ - A simple point and click adventure but it checks all the boxes and it's easy to play. It is a lower budget title but they did a good job with what they had. The soundtrack perfectly helps with the flow of the game as well. Recommended!. I couldn't get past the graphics, the game looks awful (a bunch of Unity asset flips, basically). And I'm not a graphics ♥♥♥♥♥ by any definition of the word, in fact I usuall prefer a stylized look over a photorealistic one. But that requires some decent art direction, which Arkhangel obviously lacks.

Also, the little dialogue and in-game text I read felt super simple and basic.. A++ - A simple point and click adventure but it checks all the boxes and it's easy to play. It is a lower budget title but they did a good job with what they had. The soundtrack perfectly helps with the flow of the game as well. Recommended!. Hi,

I did love this game. It looks good and the puzzles are fair and creative.

All adventure lovers: This is the game for you.

. A++ - A simple point and click adventure but it checks all the boxes and it's easy to play. It is a lower budget title but they did a good job with what they had. The soundtrack perfectly helps with the flow of the game as well. Recommended!. The controls are definitely awkward at times, but I really enjoyed this game overall. It had a great story and it's for a casual game since the puzzles aren't overly difficult. I would definitely recommend it, especially if you're a Lovecraft fan.

64-bit (Windows) Executable now uploaded:
Hey all!

We have pushed a new build that includes an 64-bit executable for Windows along with a handful of UI bug fixes. Not a huge update, but an important one. Here's a quick list:

1) New 64-bit Windows version. Hopefully, this will help with the random Win10 crash reports we've seen. Steam should automatically play the 64-bit version if you are running a 64-bit OS.
2) UI bug fix: You can no longer open your inventory during a QTE
3) UI bug fix: Hotspot interaction while your inventory is open has been disabled
4) There was a random point where Gabrielle could get pushed to the other end of a level and it was hilarious...but decided it should be fixed. :-)

As always, let us know if you come across something strange. Always happy to help track oddities down!

-WNG. Arkhangel & Windows 7:
We've been getting a few reports online about some issues w/ Windows 7 & Arkhangel. AA was designed with Win10 in mind. While previous versions of Windows might technically run AA, they are not supported by us at this time so play on older versions of Windows at your own risk!. Arkhangel: Patch Notes 8/16/2018!:

Just a quick update to let you know that we recently pushed a new build that has a handful of small fixes! Here's a quick list:

- Simplified a few QTE sequences to be more forgiving for lower spec machines
- Fixed a situation where you could get two bottles of alcohol in Day 2
- Added new journal entries after administering the medicine in Day 2

Future patches: We are currently investigating having actual game controller support and a full Linux port! Stay tuned for more information!

. Game Controller support is coming SOON!:
Hey all!

Based off of player feedback, we've really been focusing on adding game controller support and tweaking player movement settings. While it's not going to be a wholesale redesign of how the player moves, it is a substantial overhaul to some internal systems that will require a lot of testing before we release but we think that it's feeling much better. We're also adding the option to allow the player to run in addition to just walking, so if you want to take a quick jog around Haven, you'll be able to do so.

Expect an update in the next few weeks!

Thanks for all of the wonderful feedback, it is greatly appreciated!

-WNG. Default Controller Layout:
Here's the default controller layout for the upcoming patch for "Arkhangel: The House of the Seven Stars". You'll be able to modify it to your liking. The game controller is quickly becoming our preferred way of playing the game!

We're getting closer and closer to wrapping this patch up. It's been a big one!. 11/28/2018: Windowed Display Mode now available!:
Hey all!

Quick update to let you know that we've pushed a new version of Arkhangel that now allows the user to play in a window as opposed to full screen if they so desire.

This mini-patch also fixes a weird issue with the customize controls page when using mouse & keyboard inputs along with a handful of additional UI/Menu improvements.

Happy Hump Day!

. Winter Night Games announces Kickstarter for their upcoming table top game, "The Great Nameless"!:
The Great Nameless Kickstarter Announcement!!
MARCH 02, 2019
Four Gods. Four Realms. One Endless Engine of Destruction.

It is risen.
The end has come.

The Great Nameless is now on Kickstarter!

Be the first to get your hands on The Great Nameless, our first tabletop game:

Each god features its own deck of cards, playstyle and backstory.

Each player represents a god who will build armies, equip them with artifacts, and manipulate events in order to strengthen their position on the board.

Players will work to Seal their Realms away from invasion by the armies of their mindless, all-powerful creator, Z'xhuul.

Or they may instead sabotage each other in the hopes that their opponents will be too weak to withstand the onslaught of Z'xhuul's avatar, The Great Nameless.

Check out our Kickstarter campaign for full details on components and gameplay, backstory and the upgrades we have planned for stretch goals.
You can even watch gameplay videos and download the full rules!

Contribute to the Kickstarter here: ARKHANGEL VERSION 1.2 AVAILABLE NOW AT 33% OFF FOR A LIMITED TIME!:

Greetings Winter Night Gamers!

We are very excited to announce that the long-overdue update for Arkhangel is now available with a limited time special promotion sale at 33% off list price!

So, what all is included with this update?  Let's get to it, shall we?


+ Added full game controller support.  This was a full replacement of the Unity Input System!  Yowza!
+ Significant overhaul to Player navigation settings and speed.
+ Added a "Run" option to allow the player to explore at a faster rate.
+ Restructured menus to allow for easier controller navigation.
+ Inventory has been significantly overhauled.  It is now opened/closed by an input key rather than a mouse over. Interaction methodology and presentation has also changed.  This has had cascading effects on multiple other systems that required adjustments.
+ Visual Quality settings, Screen Resolution settings, and Controller Customization are now all handled with in-game menu interactions.
+ Updated multiple camera transitions in the game to be fades rather than movement based.
+ Updated camera positions and control perspective in the Library and Saloon.
+ A ton of small tweaks and adjustments!

+ Use previous saved games at your own risk!  With the sheer amount of changes to the underlying systems of Arkhangel, we cannot 100% guarantee that loading into old save games before this update will be completely reliable.  By all means, give it a shot, but know that there very well could be significant issues with player animation, controls, and menus.
+ We recommend using D-PAD when navigating through menus with a game controller.


This update took significantly longer than we expected.  Being the only Unity developer on our team, I (Zack) vastly underestimated the number of hurdles and cascading effects that such an update was going to introduce.  That being said, we've had a lot of great feedback on this update.  Friend of Winter Night Games and game industry veteran, James Goddard gave us some incredibly valuable advice regarding player speed, animation settings, and controller feel.  When the guy that worked on Street Fighter II gives pointers, you LISTEN!

Thanks James!  :-D

As always, continue to give us feedback.  Your thoughts and insights have been incredibly valuable and are the main reason why we pushed so hard on this update.  We knew that the controls needed some love and your guidance made us really want to focus on it with a microscope!  Y'all help us grow!

Okay, with that being said, the update is now live!  If you've already played the game, we'd love for you to check out the new control scheme and some of the other bells and whistles.  If you've been waiting for this update to take the plunge, the limited time sale at 33% off is a great way to dive in!  :-). Arkhangel: The House of the Seven Stars is 50% off!:

Welcome to the Steam Winter Sale where Arkhangel: The House of the Seven Stars is 50% off for a limited time!

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