A Voice From Another World! The Demons Whose Numbers Are Up! Movie Download In Mp4

A Voice From Another World! The Demons Whose Numbers Are Up! Movie Download In Mp4 >>> DOWNLOAD

Original Title: A Voice From Another World! The Demons Whose Numbers Are Up!

Genge: Animation,Action,Adventure,Comedy,Fantasy,Sport












































In a mysterious place, a Mamodo stands above the symbol of a book and announces a message, to the contestants of the Mamodo battle, to assemble at the light. The next day, Zatch builds a weird structure out of rocks which Kiyo recognizes to be the same as those found in Asuka. Dr. Riddles calls Kiyo and tells him to investigate a structure in Asuka that emitted light the night before. Kiyo, Zatch, and Ponygon head to Asuka and find the structure. There, they meet a Mamodo named "Majirou" and his partner Nicholas whom they befriend. That night, light emits from the ruins, and Sherry and Brago are seen nearby. Nicholas and Majirou investigate the light, but they are attacked by Sherry and Brago, who burns their book. Kiyo, Zatch, and Ponygon arrive to see Majirou off. Zatch asks why they burned Majirou's book and prepares to fight Brago.
Sherry and Brago continue their attack on Maestro's barrier in order to test the limits of the coil. They find out "Ion Gravirei" is the limit which the coils can handle. Kiyo casts "Zagurzem" and combined with "Ion Gravirei" breaks through Maestro's barrier. At that moment, the door to the Mamodo world is completely open. He offers Zatch and Brago a chance to join him, which they refuse. Zatch uses "Bao Zakeruga" and Brago uses "Baber Gravidon" to attack Maestro. Maestro manages to hold the spells back until they combine to make a black "Bao Zakeruga" which causes his defeat. Maestro explains that he was left in the In-between World when crossing to the human world for the Mamodo battle and feeling abandoned by the Mamodo world, plans to destroy it. Brago burns Maestro's book. Using "Bao Zakeruga" and "Dioga Gravidon", they are able to return home.



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