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Original Title: A Crowning Moment Of Truth!

Genge: Animation,Action,Adventure,Comedy,Family,Fantasy







































Our heroes attend the Wela Fire Festival, where Fire-type Pokémon line up to receive the Wela Crown, said to convey the power of the volcano itself! Just as Ash's Litten steps up, a feisty Alolan Marowak steals the crown from Olivia and runs off. Kiawe goes after it, but Turtonator is no match for Marowak's speed! Ash offers to help Kiawe train against a quicker foe, and they come up with a strategy: Shell Smash, a risky move that drops Turtonator's defenses but makes it stronger and faster. In the rematch, Kiawe wins, and Marowak returns the crown-and then decides to join Kiawe's team!


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